New centre for sustainable water management services

cewas will be officially inaugurated in Willisau, close to Lucerne (Switzerland), on 18 of May 2011. The centre aims to combine advanced education and support to start up a business. It builds up SMEs that can offer expertise in the field of sustainable sanitation and integrated water management on a national and international level. The cewas Start-Up programme is addressed to young graduates or professionals that have a strong motivation to advance their skills related to sustainable sanitation and water management and to start up their own business in the sector.

Start-Ups are supported by a core group of international experts (the cewas Think-Tank), bringing in their expertise, their networks and the current state-of-the-art knowledge of the sector. The cewas Training Centre is also open to individuals or members of an institution independently to the Start-Up programme.

In the Start-Up Centre each year up to 16 graduates and young professional get cewas Training and Start-Up support. We would be thankful if you could inform potentially interested people within your institution and network about this offer by spreading the news (e.g. on the blackboard) or if you could publish it on the internet/intranet.

Deadline for application for the Start-Up programme is April 11, 2011. Application is now open. Find out more on -> Start your own business!

Download cewas Flier (PDF, 866 kB)