New Book: Sustainable Rural and Urban Ecosystems

Sustainable Rural and Urban EcosystemsDesign, Implementation and Operation

The vision of a truly holistic ecological university was the aim of a joint German-Ghanaian program carried out at Valley View University (biggest private university in Ghana).

Gunther Geller (IOeV, Germany) and Detlev Glücklich (Bauhaus University, Germany), both directly involved in this project, now summarize their experiences in a “Manual for Practice and Study”, published in June 2012 by Springer.

Scope of the book:

These days human beings have a profound influence on aspects of the planetary ecosystem, e.g. on climate change and biodiversity, to name only two. This manual is intended to help practitioners, who are dealing with human-based rural and urban settlement-ecosystems, in the key steps towards their realization (design, implementation, and operation) and helpful for all, who are concerned about ensuring their practical sustainability. The ecosystem-approach is holistic and integrative, encompassing various disciplines like architecture, landscape architecture, environmental engineering, social sciences, life sciences, ecology, and management. It also considers issues such as energy-savings, ecological cycles, reuse, natural resources, socio-cultural background, real participation, and holistic quality management. Thus it not only explains the general concept, the steps of realization and the respective involved stakeholders, but also gives hints and tools for practitioners.

The book:
Details the holistic and integrative design, implementation and operation of human-settlement ecosystems
Concisely introduces the subject of human ecosystems, via an integrative approach
Proposes recommendations, methods and easy adaptable tools for practitioners
The information, recommendations and tools are directed to the following target groups, among others:Local planning authorities (giving hints for the procedure and the involved stakeholders)
Designers (holistic approach, procedures, tools)
Regulatory bodies, licensing and financing authorities (requirements for approach and procedures)
Construction and implementing firms and institutions (recommendations, tools)
Operating bodies (hints for operation, tools)
Bibliographic information:
Sustainable Rural and Urban Ecosystems: Design, Implementation and Operation Like Manual for Practice and Study
Geller, Gunther; Glücklich, Detlef (Eds.) 2012, 2012, X, 159 p. 76 illus., 60 in color.
Hardcover ISBN 978-3-642-28260-7
Price: Euro 106.95


Source: G. Geller via Email

Constructed Wetland on a Roof

Frank van Dien of the Dutch company ECOFYT took part in the Dutch Green Building Award 2012 with his remarkable project “Constructed Green Roof at Berkel-Enschott” – treating domestic wastewater on the roof of the building.

He writes about the project:
“This project is really unique, it’s about purifying waste water on your own roof.
But without odors. With the aid of a green roof (with all the climatic advantages thereof). In a place where people usually do not spend much attention. Without maintenance being required very much (almost everything is automated …)”.

The project was realized by ECOFYT with the client (v. Helvoirt Groenprojecten) and the project partners (SHFT, UNESCO-IHE, contractor Roger Michels, Klostermann Nederland, v. Delft installation, Reytec Innovation Projects, GLC Timber Structures, Équipe for Architecture and Urbanism)”.