Restart IEES: Update on the process

To all interested in ecological engineering

Dear friends of IEES,
It’s great to see that some progress has been made in the past months. Here’s a brief update:

  • IEES now has an active board that meets about every 2 months to reflect and steer the process
  • the renewal of the collaboration with a scientific journal is under way
  • an Ecological Engineering symposium is planned for Sep. 2019, together with the Zurich University of Applied Science at Waedenswil, Switzerland (where 2 previous ecological engineering conferences took place in 1996 and in 2012)
  • a small support group with committed students has been set up, to maintain the website, collect lighthouse projects and help with related issues. If you are a student and would like to join in, please contact us at
  • and last but not least, we have a new logo (see above)

If you feel that this is your society and that it’s going the right way, please support IEES by becoming a member (again).

Yours sincerely

Andreas Schoenborn & Raffael Kaenzig