IEES Symposium 2020, 2-5 Sep. 2020

Save the Date and Call for Tasks & Sessions

Dear friends of Ecological Engineering, dear IEES members.
Our planet is facing quite a few environmental challenges at the moment.

Ecological engineering has the potential to be a major contributor towards solving many of these problems.

To realize this potential, however, a tight collaboration of architects & planners, scientists and engineers will be crucial.

This is where the 2020 Closed Cycles and Circular Society Symposium comes to play.

From 2 to 5 September 2020 in Waedenswil, Zurich University of Applied Science and IEES organize a unique symposium to exchange knowledge and innovative ideas for an integrated, holistic design practice. We aim to address professionals from all fields who are interested in finding solutions in the field of ecological engineering.

Registration starts early 2020. Apart from saving the date, there is one more thing you can do right now.

The whole symposium is designed to allow ample time for discussion and exchange. This is why we assign more than 70% of the time to „Sessions” and „Tasks“ (Case studies). This means you can directly influence a huge portion of the topics and problems discussed!

If you have a specific problem or topic that you would like to address during the symposium, you can submit your Task or Session until Dec. 30 2019.

You can do this on our website. We’d be intrigued to hear from you.

As for now, we wish you a wonderful end of the year and a great launch into 2020. Your IEES team
Andreas Schoenborn & Raffael Kaenzig
IEES co-presidents

1 thought on “IEES Symposium 2020, 2-5 Sep. 2020”

  1. Dear Colleagues,

    With best climate change and Covid-19 resilient life style greetings, I am sending this mail.
    Thanks to my retired life time and gmail account over flow. Literally, I had to clear over 13 years of mail where, I got an IEES meeting at Amsterdam in 2010.
    I confess that having benefited by IEES by bringing me to Beijing in 1996 and Amsterdam in 2010.
    May IEES tribe live longer with enhanced by Social Commitment and Scientific Temperament with Ecological Engineering Principles by our distinguished pioneers in the domain.

    With best wishes,
    Prof V. Jagannatha
    Mysuru, India

    I look forward for a meaningful involvement in IEES.


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